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The long awaited release of Lisa's new "Tropical Rose" project has come. The CD has 13 of Lisa's original songs played by top musicians from across the country.
Piano virtuoso Lee Tomboulian from Denton, Texas is back for this CD! (Lee and Lisa have played together for over 25 years) Tropical sounds abound with steel drums by Pat Frost, drums by Barry Smith and lots of Jim Perry percussion. Two horn sections kick butt on 5 tunes (Horn arrangements by Brian Snapp and Josh Perry) and make for a very rich listening experience. As Lisa's song "Bassman" will attest, she likes a good bass player and 3 of the area's top players are featured: Dave Lowery, Bob Burns and Chuck Archard. This CD has some serious low end! Good friend and bandmate, Terry Harr, is featured on flute for 2 tracks. We even get cameos from Okie fiddler Randy Crouch and Nashville guitarist Don London. This is truly Lisa's best project to date, Tropical Rose is worth the wait. All the songs are original compositions with brass, steel drums, percussion and lots of emotion. Thirteen cuts, featuring Lisa's trademark vocal & harmony arrangements includes complete lyrics & color booklet.
One of Lisa Perry’s long time dreams was to do an album of jazz standards from the 1930’s and 40’s backed by top shelf session musicians. At long last, she has done just that. Nostalgia Rose is a collection of Lisa’s favorite jazz standards with outstanding musicianship from bassist Chuck Archard, guitarist Steve Luciano with Kenny Stumpf on sax and flute plus Guy Hilsman on percussion. The musicians play collectively in Groove Logic, Orlando, Florida’s favorite Contemporary Jazz Fusion Band.

 Nostalgia Rose contains a wealth of nostalgic cover songs from the 30’s and 40’s including Somebody Loves Me, My Funny Valentine, I'll Buy That Dream, Good Morning Heartache, Moonglow, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Shadow of Your Smile, I Left My Heart In SanFrancisco and more.

Lisa’s innovative vocal stylings and the fresh, original arrangements on this CD breathe new life into these classic jazz favorites.
“This group of spiritual songs was inspired by my garden, mountains, native Americans, angels, and nature spirits. They contain an intention of energy, peace, healing, and inspiration for those who will listen with an open heart. For the voices of inspiration, for the musicians, and for those who listen and understand, I give my deepest thanks.” -- Lisa Perry

All 13 original songs written and arranged by Lisa Perry, ©1998. Produced by Jim Perry. Mixed by Jim & Lisa Perry. String arrangements by David Gozia, Robert Kerr and Lisa Perry. The music has evolved much the same as the embroidery piece by Lisa on the front cover - which took 11 years to complete.

Lisa Perry - Vocals & Ovation guitar. Lee Tomboulian - Keyboards. Chuck Archard - Bass. Jim Perry - Drums, tabla & percussion. Randy Crouch - mandolin. Don London - Telecaster. Steve Reel - guitar. String Section: Robert Kerr, Soon Hee Newbold Rettig (violins), Jennifer Hanson (viola) and Erin Rettig (cello).

Original music by Lisa Perry
Fractal - Infinitely complex patterns with similarity across scale generated on a complex plane from imaginary and real numbers mirroring the cosmos.
Rose - By any other name is still a rose.

Twelve original songs:
1. Another Cowgirl Song (L. Perry)
2. Don’t Walk Away (L. Perry)
3. Morning Moon (L. Perry)
4. Hesse Leaps (When You Wish Upon A Star by
    Washington-Harline with apologies to Lester Leaps In)
5. Don’t Let It Go By (L. Perry)
6. Song For You (L. Perry)
7. Wind and the Water (L. Perry)
8. Oh Darlin’ (L. Perry)
9. If You Love Her (L. Perry)
10. Power and Energy (L. Perry, J. Foster)
11. Song of the Silence (L. Perry)
12. Silent One (L. Perry)

Produced by Jim Perry. All Songs written by Lisa Perry except Power and Energy co-written by Jan Foster. Don’t Let It Go By co-arranged by Lee Tomboulian. Mixed By Jim & Lisa Perry at Watermelon Wasteland, Hope, Ark.

Special thanks to all the musicians who helped with this project: Lee Tomboulian, Randy Crouch, Jimmy Strader, Mark Carpenter, Larry Holway, and Earl Hesse. Many thanks to Mike and Lisa Thompson for making the Tulsa tracks possible. Crowd courtesy of Robert Hesse. Cover composite by Jim Perry. Fractal mountain cover image created by Richard F. Voss and used with his permission.

This Music is Dedicated to Steve Munson.
Original music by Lisa Perry
Lisa Perry’s inspirational debut album with eleven original songs that will captivate your soul from the lady that brought new meaning to "The Yellow Rose of Texas" throughout the Southwest.

The Music:  "Lyrics that cut to the core... outstanding visual imagery." --Grants Beacon
"Lisa's vocals with Randy Crouch's hot fiddle, a combination that's hard to beat." --Hope Star
"Meditative music that's not really New Age but is definitely music of the 90's" --Dan Agent

The Musicians:  Lisa Perry has been writing songs since high school. She sings about life and personal transformation. Her songs tell of truth and beauty. A seasoned musician, she played on the road with "Yellow Rose" and "Home Brew" but now prefers a quieter home life to the bar room and concert circuit. Randy Crouch brings his own special style of fiddle and pedal steel to compliment the up-tempo arrangements. His band, "Flying Horse" plays throughout Oklahoma.

Our dear friend Jimmy Strader, who passed away in May, 2009, was very influential to Lisa’s music. Notably one of the best musicians on the planet and a legend of Tulsa music in blues and jazz. Strader recorded with the Tractors and Scott Ellison. He was a frontman and backup musician, most recently with Steve Pryor, David Teegarden and Steve Hickerson. He played in several band incarnations with Lisa and with dozens more bands in the Tulsa area. He was a virtuoso on the bass guitar, an incredible singer and guitar player and always Lisa’s first choice for gigs or studio sessions. We will always miss him and cherish his contributions to this album.

Bruce Webb, on bass, is a master of many instruments and plays throughout Southwest Arkansas. Dan Hoffstatter, also on bass, plays bass for Randy Crouch.

Guitarist Mark Carpenter has played Lisa's music since the early 70's. Mark is a Tulsa musician who also spent several years in the studios of L.A. Mark had a hand in some of the arrangements as well. Bryan Jefferies is a guitar wizard and working musician in the Texarkana area. His ultra-clean playing is distinctive on several of the songs.

Drummer Jim Perry prefers the sound of acoustic drums and percussion instruments to the "midi-drum-box" approach often used in music today. He co-produced the project with his wife Lisa and plays on most of the cuts.